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Is It The Right Step To Take A Personal Loan For Business?

In order to be successful in any type of the business, it is necessary to have adequate cash in hand for the smooth functioning of the business firm.  It is necessary to have the cash for many purposes like you need to purchase the required raw materials for the business operations, needed to pay wages and salaries, if necessary needed to purchase new machines and equipment’s, also needed to transport the finished goods for the desired destination etc.

The business firm should be in such a sound liquidity position in which you should be able to arrange the funds for the smooth functioning of the business.  If you don’t have adequate cash or you are running out of cash in emergency situations, you may think about the various possibilities of raising money for your business firm and one among them is availing personal loan for the business enterprise.

Many financial institutions offer both business loans and personal loans for the individual in order to encourage the growth and development of the country as a whole.  Whatever may be the business situation, it is always necessary to think about the option of availing loans from the banks and you need to access the duration or the time period required to repay it.

Here are some of the reasons to think about the right step before availing a loan for your business;

  • Business shows increased growth: When your business organization is growing at a rapid speed and your business need adequate ash for the future operations to sustain the growth of the business, you can look for the opportunities of availing the loan for the development of your business.  It is easy to avail business loans when your firm shows increased growth but you need to think about the rate of interest being paid for availing both personal and business loans.
  • Business shows increased Profit: It is also possible to get the loan from the banks when your business firm show increased profit for the consecutive years and it is better to think about the repayment ability of your firm after availing the loan with adequate profit.  It is up to you to decide whether you are going to reinvest your profits on the investment of your business or you are going to clear all tour debts.
  • Increased demand for your product: When there is an increased demand for your product in the market, then it necessitates you to increase your production, in turn, your business needs adequate cash for the increased production.  If you think you have the growth and demand for your product in the future too, you can go ahead in processing the personal loans so that you can repay it as soon as possible.

Basics Of Capital Market

The capital market is the marketplace for long and medium-term financial instruments and securities. It is the market wherein financial securities such as stocks, bonds, etc are sold and bought. Both the institutions and individuals are the participants in the capital market. Surplus funds get channelized to government and financial institutions. The capital market helps in putting this money into productive use. It contributes a great deal to the growth and development of the country’s economy.  The currency market is the largest traded market among the lot. Now the virtual currencies are also gaining quite a popularity. Check out the benefits of trading here. Below mentioned are the important features of the capital market.

Features of the market

Connects the entrepreneurial borrowers and the savers – The capital market is the connecting link between people who save funds and with those who are in need of funds.  It routes the funds from the savers to the borrowers.

Presence of intermediaries- There are various intermediaries which help in smooth functioning of the capital market such as merchant bankers, underwriters, sub-brokers, collection bankers, etc. They are the intermediaries which are the important elements of the capital market.

Deals in medium and long-term investments- the Capital market is basically the market for long and medium-term financial instruments. It helps in borrowing or raising long-term funds. The industrial organizations, corporate, financial institutions, etc get access to funds from both foreign and domestic market through this market.

Regulated by the government rules and regulations- The capital market works freely. But it gets regulated by the government policies, rules, and regulations.

Variety of investors- The capital market consists of a different variety of investors.  The market comprises of both such as institutional investors and individuals.

Deals with non-marketable and the marketable securities- Capital market trades with both non-marketable and marketable securities. The marketable securities are those securities which could be transferred like debentures, shares, etc. And on the other hand, the non-marketable securities are the securities that cannot be transferred like loans and advances, term deposits, etc.

Provides liquidity- The capital market instruments are very much liquid. The investors can sell the securities whenever they require cash.

Over- the counter market- Over the counter markets means the financial instruments such as stocks and currencies gets traded directly between the buyer and seller.

Foreign investors- The foreign investors both institutions and individuals and the non-residents can invest in the securities market. There is no restriction on the entry.

Ways To Balance Personal And Business Lives

Ways To Balance Personal And Business Lives

Everyone wants to begin a new business on own and run it successfully. But also, we all want to balance both personal and business lives perfectly without any problems. Nowadays, this is not possible for many businessmen because they do not have much time to spend with their families and a lot of members feel very bad about this. But this must be changed, and the owners should have some time to spend on their families and then proceed with business life. There are some ways to be followed to coop both personal and business lives. Let us have a closer look on it and discuss it in brief and hope this is very useful for the new businessmen who are not at able to tackle both properly.

  1. Time management is the most important one for a business life. The businessmen should have the quality to manage the time in a proper way to yield success in both lives. They should make a partition of time to spend with their family and work. Once the owners know to manage the time perfectly, they can achieve more and more success in life. Because most of the families feel that the owners are not spending their quality time with the family members. So, once they got equipped with time management, then they can make everything possible. The landlords should fix their clocks to do both the personal and business works simultaneously.
  2. The businessmen should know how to prioritize the works based on the requirements because usually the family members are so emotional, and they always want their people to be with them in all the occasions. This is not possible for many of the traders as of now, but this must be changed, and everyone must make the priorities of work and try to set work time apart.
  3. Scheduling helps the traders to balance both equally, but the businessmen have to make a perfect schedule based on their time and work. Scheduling can be easy but sticking on it is really hard. Most of the businessmen are failing in this because they are not following things based on the schedule. This is not good, and the entrepreneurs should make a clear schedule and stick on it perfectly to have happiest lives.

Thus concluding that the businessmen can become successful only when they are able to handle both business and personal lives in a faultless manner.

Open Banking- Want to Know About It?

Open Banking- Want to Know About It?

A technology in finance which allows third-party developers called APIs to access customer information of banks is called open banking.  It enables the creation and sharing of financial data by different financial institutions in a safe manner.  Let us see the benefits of open banking.


  1. Cost: Large financial institutions will also be in a position to offer services at a low price to the customers.  Thus, even the not so richer ones can avail services and products offered by premium bankers.  The cost of banking will be reduced due to open banking.
  2. Speedy settlement of funds transfer: Open banking helps in a speedy settlement of transactions.  Thus, delays can be avoided and transactions will happen in a fraction of second.
  3. Product comparison: Customers will get full and better knowledge of a whole lot of banking products offered by all the bankers.  In the present scenario, people do not know about good financial products which are newly available in the market.
  4. Better customer service: Open banking will induce the players in the banking and financial industry to offer better products and services at a lower  Due to this competition, the customers will get better products and services.
  5. Better technology: Open banking will improve innovative financial products to be widely available in the market.
  6. Switch over made easy: Switching over from one bank to another will be easy in open banking environment.  The present difficulties and delays the customer is facing while closing account in one bank and opening a new account in another bank will be totally eliminated in open banking.
  7. Better availability of customer credit historical data: The bankers can get better data on the credit history of the customer than the present system.  Traditionally the role of a banker is such that the data security becomes a primary responsibility of the bank.  But if it is shared through improved means of safety, such sharing benefits both bank and customer.  Banks can prevent frauds when they get access to better data on the credit history and rating of customers.  They can be more cautious towards customers having a bad rating.  Customers who have a good rating will have more benefits and ease of access.  In open banking, data availability benefits the customers also because they get more product information and better service.  Unlike traditional banking, here the responsibility is shared by everyone.  Hence more fairness and ethical practices are ensured.


You can start making consistent profits right from the word “go”

You can start making consistent profits right from the word “go”

This is one opportunity you must never miss:

In times when a little extra income could come handy however small, you must never ever shy away from online trading. There is dime a dozen ways to make money but none will offer you this kind of consistency in earnings or the convenience of time and space. And you do not have to give up on your other commitments either!

Trading on your terms:

Online trading is never too much of a hassle. All you need is a device and a good internet connection and you are set. You can choose to trade from any location that you want and for how long you want. There is absolutely no tab on how much money you can invest or any limit to the scope of profit that you can generate.

You don’t need to be an expert in finance or management either!

Yes, this may shock you but you don’t even need the basic of economic knowledge to be able to trade online. All you need to have is the gut instinct and the perseverance and the positive spirit to go on profiteering.

The risk is a part and parcel of trading:

Businessmen, traders, and merchants will tell you that risk is something that you cannot alienate from trading. And if you think that you cannot afford to lose any money in taking any kind of risk, then our advice will be to keep away from this field. You will need to be able to be very clear from day one of trading that you will never exceed your investments beyond the safe zone.

Trading is pure speculation:

It is true that the amount of profit that can be earned is directly proportional to the risk that the trader is ready to take. But it is equally important that in the overzealousness of making great profits, one should be able to rationally allocate funds that they can safely afford to lose.

But that does not logically conclude that you will lose money in trading; no!

Trading is one field today where you can with your hard work, dedication and a wee bit of luck be able to make your both ends meet. The income from trading must be treated as a supplement to your main income unless of course you treat trading itself as your main preoccupation.

If a few hours of trading at any time of the day or not and is able to give you even a little more money, why not grab it?


Disadvantages of E-commerce

Disadvantages of E-commerce

Though e-commerce has many advantages, it has some limitations also. Let us discuss in brief about those disadvantages below. The disadvantages of e-commerce are classified into two categories.

  1. Technical disadvantages
  2. Non-technical disadvantages
  3. Technical disadvantages:
  • As it depends completely on the technology, there occur many day-by-day changes.
  • Combining the e-commerce application software with other application software is a complicated process.
  • There will be no security and reliability for the data present in the software and will get collapsed when the system crashes.
  • The network bandwidth will not be the same for all countries. So, this will make an issue while using the software.
  • The e-commerce software may not work with some new operating system so, at that time, it will become a bane for the people.
  1. Non-technical disadvantages:
  • The quality of the product cannot be predicted accurately because we will not be able to touch the product since it is an online service.
  • It requires a stable internet connection and the internet connection is still not available in many villages. So, the e-commerce application is not suitable for many people.
  • The cost of this application is so high and configuring the application may delay when there are some errors in the launch.
  • It is difficult for the people to trust the seller because we are not supposed to face the sellers directly and have communication with them. So, this will make the people think traditional shopping is far better than the online shopping.
  • The amount for the purchased products will be done by online transactions. The online transactions are not safe and secure. The account details of the people may be misused by someone.

Future of e-commerce:

E-commerce is growing rapidly and only 11.9% is the retail shopping. In future everything will become e-commerce shopping and traditional shopping trends will get vanished. Because we hate traditional shopping because of the crowd in the shops. But now, everyone is using this trending technology-based shopping to escape from the crowd. So, online shopping has become viral and in online shopping, we have to pay for some shopping charges for the products we order. This cost can be avoided when we go with the direct traditional shopping. Future will be surely an e-commercial world and there is no doubt about this.


Thus conclude that though we get many advantages through the technology, I can say it is better to follow the old and gold traditional methods. Because there will be some enjoyment and happiness when we go to shops and purchase something and that happiness will not be there for online shopping.

Cryptocurrency Investment – A Beginner’s Guide

Cryptocurrency Investment – A Beginner’s Guide

What is a cryptocurrency?

Although cryptocurrency is not anymore a new term, still, not all are familiar with its meaning and purpose, and so, here we are to enlighten the community, especially those beginner investors who are eager to invest in the cryptocurrencies! Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency designed to be used as a medium of exchange, in where, the control of the creation of cryptocurrency, verification, validation and so on are taken care by the cryptography technology! To simply put, these are technologically-governed digital entities of value that forego the concept of centralization!

Why invest in them?

Three main reasons can be put forth for choosing the cryptocurrency investment venture.

  1. To support and promote the concept of decentralization aka distributed power, the basic principle of the cryptocurrency that allows the world to enjoy a currency system that is free of annoying flaws like the heavy transaction charges, security issues, regulatory issues and so on.
  2. To support and promote the underlying technology aka the Blockchain that has the ability to transform not only the monetary world but, also the world in general, for which its powerful feature like the smart contracts serves as the best example!
  3. The fall of the Dollar Imperium is inevitable, at least, that’s what predicted by the financial experts and if so, what other than the cryptocurrency investment procedure offers you the best option to hedge your net worth?

Which to choose?

Now that you understand the importance of investing in the cryptocurrencies the significant query of what to choose aka which cryptocurrency to choose and how to choose always confronts a beginner investor. For many, Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is ever existing, despite the fact, there are now, more than 1000 cryptocurrencies prevalent in this world! This is because, the Bitcoins are going strong with their unshakeable market cap position that, naturally, attracts every investor towards it.

While investing in the Bitcoin is an appreciable act, it is always better to diversify your investments, especially considering the bubble situation of the cryptocurrencies. While doing so, choose the altcoins carefully to ensure you are picking only a strong choice that could steadily make it to the future! It is because not altcoins are created to last longer and, to stay away from those, carefully understand the purpose and the background of the respective altcoin to make a favorable decision!

How To Play Safe

Any investment procedure is not a child’s play and therefore, always understand the fundamentals to make your start, a better start! Also, do not aim to become an overnight billionaire by carelessly enjoying the bubble ride, that is, by trying to utilize the bubble situation in your favor that can lead you to a devastating situation. If you still want to enjoy a lighter ride then, do so with the help of the automated crypto robots that can make your investment journey a tad profitable!

Know How The Trade Creditors And the Contingent Liabilities Connected With Business Are Handled By The Auditors

Know How The Trade Creditors And the Contingent Liabilities Connected With Business Are Handled By The Auditors

While dealing with the trade creditors, the Auditor should

  • Check with the list and schedule of the creditors and also with the purchase ledger that has been already examined by him.
  • Assure if all the items purchased during the year from the beginning to the end are also included in the corresponding accounts of the creditors.
  • If the Auditor feels for any misinterpretation of false play from the side of any creditors, he or she should immediately opt for the respective client’s consent seeking for the corresponding account statements to be mailed and cross check the same by studying the ledger accounts.
  • Also, if the creditors allow for any discounts for the goods returned due to some issue, the Auditor should check with this and must confirm whether the reported matter is genuine or not.
  • If the Auditor sees any matter that has a payment pending with the overdue creditors, then he must immediately ask for the concerned reason for the same.

The case of contingent liabilities

Contingent liabilities include those type of liabilities that may or may not occur in the future of payments.

When the contingent liabilities are evaluated by the Auditor, he must ensure that all the variety liabilities are brought into the accounts as per that detailed separately on the balance sheet. Moreover, the specific balance sheet must be surely checked with respect to the entries made on it.

  • If any case arises like a discount is made on the bill receivable from a bank and the cash so obtained is already made use of, then the entire amount must be refunded to the corresponding bank once the acceptor fails to make the real payment on its date of maturity. This is the main reason why such a liability is separately detailed in the Balance sheet by way of a footnote.
  • Any money called on the share names must be paid on time and should be verified by means of the cash book and all those that include the uncalled liability must be determined.
  • Further, the Auditor must also analyze the liability granted by the client on some security for a loan to his friend or a partner. If later any issue falls due to non-payment of this loan, then the corresponding liability should be ascertained.
  • While considering the disputed cases where the damages have to be made by the company on the part that is not acknowledged as debts, then that should be immediately ascertained on the foot of the balance sheet and the Auditor must check with this.















Guidelines To Follow To Set Up A Successful Business

Guidelines To Follow To Set Up A Successful Business

Many steps have to be taken initially to open up a business, obviously, a business cannot be opened overnight.  You need to dedicate all your time to the process of starting up a successful business. Hence, the first thing one should do before starting a new venture is to understand clearly the commitment that is required of you. If you are planning to do trading while you are in the process of starting up a business, it is always best if you use the service of automated trading software so that you don’t have to spend the entire time in front of the computer whole time.

In order to ensure that you cover all the bases before venturing into the business, listed below are few points to guide you through.

Pointers to help you

Do proper research- You need to understand that you need to be prepared well before you enter the industry.  It does not matter how unique is your business idea, you need to be fully aware of the competitors.  You should consider your demographic target and it should the driving force when you take each decision. You will never be able to earn a profit without the customers; hence they should be the priority.  Hence all the proper research should be done about what the customer wants.

All the legal aspects should be taken care of- One of the important things you need before starting on your own is deciding on the legal structure.  Most commonly preferred structure is Limited Liability Company because of the protection and flexibility it offers the owners. In addition to this, you need to get proper registration to open the business from the government.

Secure the finances- To start a business; everyone would not have all the money that is required. One should look for ways to raise the capital. There are many options available to the budding businessmen to raise the money. Many people seek capital from the family and friends.  Also, you can approach venture capitalists to fund your business. Another option is to approach a financial institution or bank for a business loan.

Hire help– Setting up a business cannot be done independently.  Hiring the right people to see you through the journey of setting up will ensure the business to be successful.  It is very critical to get assistance in financial, marketing and legal field so that the process of business setting up is heading in the right direction.

How An Auditor Verify The Fund Reserves Liabilities Associated With A Business Company?

How An Auditor Verify The Fund Reserves Liabilities Associated With A Business Company?

Usually, reserves can be categorized into two different domain which includes the generic and specific type. Examples of specific funds include

  • Sinking Capital,
  • Capital Redemption type of Reserve,
  • And the Reserve Contingencies.

An Auditor’s duty is to

  • Check out if appropriate profit and loss account transfer is properly done to reserves while complying with all the provisions linked with the transfer.
  • Further, he should verify the board’s consent with the plan of relocating the profit to the corresponding reserves.
  • Also, the Auditor should see whether the allocations or exchanges made in the reserve accounts like the additions to and deductions from the earlier year’s balance are decently handled as per the legal terms and conditions.
  • The Auditor also requires to analyze if the use of these reserves occurs in accordance with the law principles.
  • It is also important to note if the reserve utilization is immediately recorded in the balance sheet of the business company that complies to the law policies.

While dealing with the case of loans taken by the company, the Auditor should

  • Recognize the true power of the company to borrow money from others by understanding the Organization’s Memorandum and Articles.
  • Moreover, the bond made in correspondence with the loan should be thoroughly examined by the Auditor.
  • Also, he must verify with every cash receipt on account of the loan issued along with the registered entries in the respective cash book.
  • Further, he must check with the certificate of registration approval given by the Registrar of Companies which recognizes if the loan has been fortified by mortgaging any property.
  • Along with this, the auditor should assure if the interest payment is timely made to the vendors and the Auditor must vouch for the counterfoils of receipts to make sure of this. He can also compare this with the corresponding entries made in the cash book of the company.
  • Additionally, the Auditor should evaluate whether loan repayment is made in a periodic manner as per the agreement and the respective counterfoils of the checkbook, the passbook issued from the banks and the corresponding cash book stating this should be verified.

It would also be an appropriate step to seek for a confirmatory letter from the agent who has sanctioned the loan to the company so that the Auditor can cross check if the interest on the loan is not due and the repayments of loans documented in the record books of account are correct.