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The Blogger in Our Backyard


A valued member–and very dear friend–within our community, Arun Rajagopal lost his mum this week, and our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family.

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While Arun is geographically located in the Sultanate of Oman and that feels mighty far away to many of us, Arun has brought the marketing community and the world closer through his tireless work to make the Age of Conversation book, and all of its authors, known to The Middle East–along with spending so much time in providing profiles for us to get to know one another better.

He has been proud to do the work of not ten men, but ten thousand.

It is with a heavy heart and much love that we send Arun and his family our prayers–as that is all he has asked of us. Please take some time to leave some kind thoughts, a poem, a prayer or just some supportive words in the comments below. If you can donate through PayPal, we will also get that to Arun to help with the tremendous expenses associated with laying a loved one to rest.

And please let others know to leave Arun some kind words here. It’s amazing what words from friends can do in trying times. Arun, you are loved, you are high in our thoughts and in all of our prayers

Distributed content is the new black

What’s the newest thing in internet marketing? Blogs were the fad in 2005, Podcasts were the term in 2006 and Widgets in 2007. In 2008, it is all about distributed content.

A place where information about something is written or sometimes some topics are discussed which are posted in the form of web posts is known as the blog. Earlier people used to use a diary to write all this down and now they use the internet. The contents are written similar to how you write in a personal diary. There are hundreds and millions of people that are writing blogs every day because of which to help users reach the most recent blog post they are listed by placing the most recent one on top. Click here now to read about HBSwiss blog.

A blog consisted of only one person who wrote it or a few people who wrote about a single concept. This was way back in the year 2009 but it was seen that by the year 2010 it was seen that blogs were written by multiple writers which consisted of a lot of authors. Writing blogs has become profession because of which before posting it online and they are edited by good editors.


At the 2008 iMedia Brand Summit in Coconut Point, Fla., the interactive industry’s leading marketers were polled on many of the topics that shape the digital landscape. Here are the full results of that survey. Each graphic breaks down responses horizontally to indicate answers expressed by brand marketers on the top bar and other industry leaders (publishers and web technology experts on the bottom bar.Basically, people who work for brands and those who work for agencies, software, web service, etc.  Looks like they’re pretty much in agreement.

Distributed Content? That doesn’t sound nearly as fun as writing your own blog or recording a show about your favorite television series.

The fact is, though, that distributed content is the solution that’s been needed for almost a decade. Companies spend an extraordinary amount of resources developing content for their website in the hope, and sometimes with the expectation that if they just put it out there, people will flock to it. Fact is, they won’t. The brand is not as important to them as they are to the brand. Believe it or not, people don’t just sit at a computer and decide to type in brand’s website address to check out what’s new on the site.

Distributed content allows content to be shared with minimal effort. It takes your content and allows people to use it in exchange for getting your message out. It’s a solution whose time has come.

-Paul Herring

Perception is 90% of Success

When a customer or prospect comes to your website, they usually do so with a specific task in mind. In most cases, they have little or no interest in reading everything on your site, but only that which gets them further down the path of their intended purpose.

The same applies to all, irrespective of the path we are learning on, be it about cosmetics, or finance. Nobody reads each and every word on the page, so staying apt and to the point is important. Just like how we do, talking about finances and the best binary and forex trading platform, like HBSwiss that has been here since long, giving great returns since inception; get more information about it here.

If you have information or a service that is important to your website users that you want and need to communicate to them, you must not use language or design elements that hide this from them.

In industry terms, websites and their elements are said to have a “perceived affordance.” These aren’t two terms that are often used together in common vernacular, but a short:

  • Perceived – What people think (they can do)
  • Affordance – What can actually be done with or at an interface

If the two don’t match, then the object is said to have poor perceived affordance. But what you need to know is that a preponderance of poor perceived affordance will cause your website to fail.

Jakob Nielsen wrote about this problem in his recent article, “Top-10 Application-Design Mistakes.” He says that you can tell you have a perceived affordance problem when:

  • Users say, “What do I do here?” – (This should be obvious to them.)
  • Users don’t go near a feature that would help them. – (If it would help them, then it needs to be highlighted at logical places.)
  • A profusion of screen text tries to overcome these two problems. – (Lengthy instructions should not be needed, and they won’t be read anyway.)

To demonstrate his point, Nielsen wrote about an interesting and persistent problem — that sometimes objects in a Web design look like they should be clicked, but are not clickable. His example was something that looked like (but wasn’t) a button, but the same can problem occurs when people use  underlined text on websites for anything other than a hyperlink.

(Did you see the difference?)

But not all affordance-perception problems are related to interface issues. Marketers can also fall into this trap by hiding the true purpose of their ads — by making promises that cannot be fulfilled without effort that make the endeavor less valuable.

A “marketing” example
Last night I bought a plane ticket to New York from a very popular travel site. At the end of my checkout process, I came across a promo that told me I could get a $20 rebate if I would just “Click Here.”


Curious but skeptical, I clicked on the promo only to come to a page that told me that to capitalize on this offer, I had to agree to a “trial subscription” for whatever it was they were selling.

Once the trial period expired, they would make things “convenient” for me by automatically deducting $14.95 per month from my account. On a page full of text, graphics, and fields, here is the fine print:


I had no interest whatsoever in what they were selling, and the promo gave me no idea what I could expect. In fact, because the conditions necessary to get $20 cash back  weren’t spelled out (nor did they mention any conditions existed at all), the promotion was misleading — something that is becoming increasingly frowned upon in a society that claims to value transparency and authenticity.

In the case above, the deception hid something that the company wanted to hide, but it still amazes me how many companies hide things that they think give them a competitive advantage.

They’ll shove it under “About Us” and leave it there. They’ll use cute navigation names and calls to action that hide the true purpose of the resulting or subordinate pages just to satisfy executives. What they fail to realize is that people aren’t looking to be sold to. They’re looking to accomplish something that probably has very little to do with the managers of the company or the bonuses they relish.

If you have information that may help people accomplish their tasks or be more comforted that they are making the right choice, aside from constructive design constraints, you should not force it upon them, but make the information accessible. When you do so, make sure people know 1) that the information is available and 2) how they can get to it, if they want it. – Cam Beck

The Best Kind of Meme

Marianne Richmond tagged me with the best kind of meme: Short and easy to digest.

The meme is something that is used on the internet these days which is a quote used for comedy purpose. The meme is created in the image form, videos, and hyperlink them to other people, to make funny videos as well as the famous hashtag. These can be in the form of a phrase or a single word. When creating them sometimes phrases are purposely spelled wrong to make it funny. Once a meme is created and sent they are spread across the internet through social media websites, they are sent through emails, mobile phones or blogs.

The meme may include content that is related to different cyberculture that already exists. This funny meme seems to spread very fast on the internet because people talk about it to each other. Some examples maybe people putting their head down and lying in public place and posting this photo or people dancing in a comedy skit.

The word meme was first made up by Richard Dawkins who wrote this in his book. He wanted to explain how the culture and information about culture spread from people to people. Internet Memes are derived from this meme pertaining to the culture and the internet. When the internet was introduced in the beginning these memes were sent through emails.  Internet forums also became popular since it provided an easy way to share memes with the people who were spread across the internet in a very short span. There are millions of people who keep sharing memes on the internet every day. There are a lot of instant messaging software through which memes are shared now. Most famous Twitter and Facebook are another medium through which these memes are becoming viral. Since they have small phrases included in videos and photos and funny they are grabbing the attention of people very fast. See here how HBSwiss is gaining attention.

4 Places I Have Been

  • Patton’s grave: Hamm, Luxembourg
  • On top of the Berlin Wall: Berlin, Germany
  • The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Brussels, Belgium

4 Jobs I Have Had

  • United States Marine
  • Offset press operator
  • Graphic designer
  • Day laborer at an apple orchard

4 Favorite Foods

  • Sushi
  • Oatmeal Cream Pies
  • Apple crisp
  • La Madeleine’s tomato basil soup

4 TV Shows I DVR

  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Smallville
  • Top Chef
  • Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Marianne was tagged by Peter Kim, who changed the meme from the original “8 things you didn’t know about me” meme. I like this new take on it, because it provides its own frame of reference, narrowing the scope of things I must choose from.

If you’re reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged. Ping me so I can learn a little more about you. – Cam Beck

What are the building blocks of a good slogan?


Usually I would finish reading a book before I start commenting on what’s in it, but I saw an interesting article by Al Reis today that disparaged one of same lines Steve Cone praised in his book, Powerlines. Coincidently, I read both the article and the pertinent section of Cone’s book today. As of this moment, there is no way for anyone to tell which author is right.

Slogans are used for various purposes like when you are going for a campaign to advertise the campaign, to advertise your business or some people who run company that designs slogans. Like trading website whose resource for this article is here Here are few steps that you can follow to write a slogan

  1. Get to the bottom of the brand
  2. Know the famous slogans
  3. Slogan should represent your brand
  4. Enlist all the ideas
  5. Shortlist the best ones

See for yourself (emphases are mine):

“[T]he slogan of the American Revolution, ‘Don’t tread on me,’ is mostly forgotten today. Even a minor war, such as the Spanish-American war of 1898, can generate a memorable slogan: ‘Remember the Maine.’ – Al Ries, “Ries’ Pieces of Slogan Savy”

“[T]he recipe for success seems simple enough: Create a shorthand message for the mind and eye, and deliver it through mass communication again and again and again… The American Revolution had all manner of slogans and mottos including, for example, ‘No Taxation Without Representation’ and ‘Don’t Tread On Me.'”  – Steve Cone, Powerlines, p. 31

I tend to favor Cone’s take on the phrase because I personally remember it well. However, I’m a history nerd, and if there is anything I know, it’s that my experiences and beliefs may not reflect that of the general public.

A Word of Caution
Ries seems attracted to rhymes, alliteration and repetition, and there is plenty of history, passed down orally over thousands of years because skilled bards used such techniques, that suggests he’s onto something.

Any expert worth his salt is an expert for a reason, and we should at least consider his opinion. However, no one should mistake his judgment as infallible, especially if he does not give us the ability to challenge them by boiling them down into testable, easily duplicated principles.

Personally I would like to have seen some statistics that confirm his hypotheses. Maybe I’ll see some of that as I get further along into Powerlines.

I’ll save you a seat in the front row. I hope you’ll join us when we get there. – Cam Beck

What Are You?


Contemplated as the main archetype of “second wave coffee” Starbucks is the American coffee house. It was first established in the year 1971 in the city of Seattle which was in Washington. It is widespread worldwide covering 27339 places. Why people found it so different from other places that serve the coffee throughout the United States is that it had a completely different test for coffee serving the best quality and the service they provide to the customers was appreciated by everyone. It had a freshly roasted dark coffee that became very popular and this is what Starbucks was known mainly for. In the year of 2000 company that considered making coffee as artisanal work related to food started attracting people who liked good quality coffee. They did so by roasting the lightly and brew them by hand. But as time changed the Starbucks has started using machines such as espresso machines that are fully automatic to make coffee. This provides more safety to the Employees too. Just like this website provides safety to the trader, check this out.

The Starbucks story offers an important object lesson in the dangers of growing beyond the identity that made you famous.

I’ve not had many bad experiences in a Starbucks (by my count, only one), but people in the know tell me the “experience” has really gone downhill. The community and familiarity one could once apparently get in a Starbucks has been replaced with an atmosphere more befitting a commodity.

Perhaps sensing a problem with this move away from experience to commodity, Starbucks said goodbye to CEO Jim Donald and replaced him with the guy who helped make them famous in the first place, Howard Schultz.

One of Schultz’s first acts of business was to announce that Starbucks would slow its domestic growth and redirect that capital to international expansion.

If that is all it does, however, it won’t be enough. If an in-store experience is bad, simply building new stores more slowly isn’t going to fix it.

Any company that outgrows its identity needs to spend some effort refocusing its energies on developing  its existing assets to get them up to an acceptable — even extraordinary — level.

I don’t know for certain what this means for Starbucks, but they have only a short time to figure out exactly what they stand for. McDonald’s threatens to enter the specialty coffee business. Against a distribution network of that size, Starbucks faces the prospect of a significant price war if all they offer is a good cup of joe.

It won’t be too long before McDonald’s offers wireless access, too.

Oh, wait. They already do. – Cam Beck

The Amazing Color-Changing Card Trick

When dealing with a complicated topic, we ought to resist the temptation to accept the words and assurances of the experts uncritically, just because they know more than we do. Humans are fallible, and we are all blinded by our biases, whether we realize it or not. And that applies to experts, as well.

This was on my mind as I was lurking over at the IxDA forum, when I came across a neat discussion about eye-tracking studies. You can read it if you want, but before you do, watch and reflect on this video.

Feed readers go here.

How did you do?

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The purpose in bringing this up amidst a discussion about eye tracking studies was to point out that such studies show retinal focus, but not whether something the eye was focused on was comprehended on a cognitive level.

Behavior principle #1:
Just because someone sees and focuses on something, doesn’t mean he assigns to it the meaning the creators intended that person to assign to it, or draw all of the conclusions that could have possibly been drawn from it.

Just as the eye can focus on something without comprehending, though, the brain can comprehend something that the eye doesn’t focus on.

Behavior principle #2
Something a person does not focus on can still be comprehended at some level.

This partially explains why contextual ads perform 2.5 times better when shown in conjunction with display ads, even though display ads aren’t generally seen (according to eye-tracking studies).

Still, drawing parallels between video and reading comprehension as they pertain to how the eye focuses is problematic from several standpoints.

  1. The web pages studied through eye-tracking are typically static in time, whereas videos move.
  2. Watching a video also requires use of senses other than eyesight.
  3. In this particular case, the intent was in fact to trick the user, whereas web pages affected greatest by the inferences drawn from eye-tracking studies exist to enlighten and inform.

Watch the video again, now that you know what you’re supposed to be looking for, and you’ll pick up on all the subtle changes that were happening throughout, which you missed the first time.

As for me, I figured out pretty early that the camera angles made it impossible to tell if the trick was on the level, but I was so concerned about that — about “catching” the illusionist in the trick he said he was showing the audience — I missed all the other changes that happened.

If we assume my experience was the norm, this actually strengthens the case for the validity of the conclusions experts have been drawing from eye tracking studies.

Behavior principle #3
When looking for something specific, people typically stop looking and thinking about anything else once they feel they have found what they’re looking for.

Eye-tracking studies also tell us a lot about general user reading behavior on websites, which can be confirmed through usability studies. However, usability studies can be conducted less expensively, which relegates eye-tracking studies to the realm of academic and professional (nonpaying) research.

Since we would usually use the less expensive methods, we must rely on the words of the experts like Jakob Nielsen, who make it their business to conduct these and other studies and interpret the results.

Unfortunately, doing so uncritically also puts us at their mercy, which is why we should look at all studies performed, even by “experts,” with a healthy degree of skepticism. – Cam Beck

Hat tip to Mike Bennett for the video link.

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Doing The Most Good part 2

Cam has added an extra incentive for bloggers to participate in the Salvation Army Red Kettle campaign. For the next five bloggers that set up their campaign, he’ll create a graphic with you ringing the red kettle, much like the one he created for me.


Once you’ve set up the campaign, contact us at with an image with your face and we’ll get to work. Alternatively, if you’d like to take this image and fark it “manipulate it in order to produce a humorous reaction” feel free.

Manipulations do exist not just in photography, but everywhere. Everything is manipulated to get desired results. But, one person desire doesn’t match with the other. Hence, its pretty good to be on the side of all, the one thing that benefits all.

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You can also set your preferences on time, and leave it completely for the robot to work for you.

As an added incentive, we’ll post links blogs, web sites, etc. that include a Red Kettle campaign.

Thanks Cam. Start ringing!!

– Paul Herring

Buy a Mac for Christmas

Just when you thought that they couldn’t do any more of the Mac vs. PC commercials, they release a new one for Christmas:

Commercials are more attractive and are one of the top reasons for higher sales in the industry. Marketing has taken center stage, with more people concentrating on how to market the product than the product alone.

Not all the products are created to be extraordinary and not all are fit to be famous, just like the financial products that fail to create decent returns. But, not all are the same. There are few which are extremely genuine and are giving great returns in all the ups and downs.

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RSS readers go here. What a great way to take an existing concept and make it relevant and memorable for the holiday season. I think this is one of those commercials that people actually pay attention to. – Paul Herring

Join the Junoverse



“This is one diddle that can’t be undone, Homeskillet.”  Within the first 10 minutes of the movie, Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrutte from the Office) explains this to the main character, Juno, who is 16 years old and is shaking her pregnancy test to see if the lines will disappear.

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Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a sneak preview for the movie, Juno, at the Angelika film center in Dallas.  My wife had received the free tickets from her work and I was just so excited about the “free” part that I didn’t have a clue what we were going to see.  As we entered the theater we were searched for any cameras and watched as others were told to take their cellphones back to their cars before they would be allowed in  Since the movie isn’t going to be released until December this seemed fine by me, but who would watch a movie recorded from someone’s cellphone?  But I digress. After we were magic-wanded, we were asked what size we were so that we could be issued our promotional t-shirt.  On the front it simply said “Juno” and on the back was an etch-e-sketch and Wilson’s classic “Homeskillet” one-liner.

We walked into the 100 person auditorium and found our seats.  Before the film started a Fox Searchlight rep came in to make an announcement.  He asked for a show of hands for how many of us had seen Napolean Dynamite.  Nearly everyone in the theater raised their hand.  Then he asked how many of us had seen it in the theater.  That’s when the majority of the hands went back down.  “That”, he said, “is why we need you guys to spread the word about Juno.”  I thought to myself, “I’ll spread the word if the movie is good, not because you guys gave me a free t-shirt.” The rep then went on to explain how they have a fan website that will have a competition for who can earn the most points for the grand prize of having 100 of your friends attend a screening in your home town with the cast and a Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop Guitar.

After the explanation of how we can hype the movie before it is released they started the show.  It’s funny that they mentioned Napolean Dynamite as Juno had a very similar indie feel to it. From the music, to the transition animations, to the way the casting director focused on new faces, this movie was right up my alley.  First things first, this movie was hilarious.  It drips of sarcastic dry one-liners from beginning to end.  The language isn’t horrible but definitely coarse in places especially when you hear it coming out of a teenager’s mouth. It made me cringe at times but that’s most likely a fairly realistic representation of how kids in this age group talk in 2007.  The movie is centered around teenage pregnancy, relationships and how to cope with bad situations.  All in all, it has a really great message and I would encourage you to check it out.

As we walked out of the theater I started reading through the mailer that they were handing out.  There are many ways that someone can become the “Ruler of the Junoverse.” Here are the ways you can earn points:

  1. Sign up online, create your own profile and get your Junoverse ID Number at
  2. See the movie at an advance screening near you and get your card stamped-the more times you get it stamped, the more points you earn.
  3. Refer your friends to join
  4. Post reviews, videoblogs, tshirt designs and songs to your profile.
  5. Make JUNO your friend on MySpace and Facebook.  Let everyone know how awesome the movie is by posting the trailer to your pages.
  6. Fill in your name, address and Junoverse ID Number on your screening card, give it to a Fox Searchlight representative at your screening, or stick a stamp on it and pop it in the mail!
  7. Stay tuned to see if you’re the winner of the hometown screening and Gibson guitar!

As much as I love to be called the “Ruler” of anything, I wasn’t motivated enough to go through any of these 7 steps.  However, I was considering going to see the movie again since they gave us free tickets to the next screening, but wasn’t able to go.  Instead we gave it to our brother and sister-in-law but they were turned away at the door because they already had too many people in the theater.  They promised to send tickets for them to see it at another time.

It seems like word is spreading relatively quickly for this movie but I wonder how affective the interactive element will be for this campaign.  It seems like the best indie movies seem to never hit it big in the box office and instead have their cult following in DVD sales.  For example, I don’t even remember Mike Judge’s Office Space being in theaters but I don’t know anyone my age that hasn’t seen it.  The same can be said for Napolean Dynamite.

I think at the end of the day there’s really one question that as a marketer you need to ask yourself for this type of contest.

  1. Is the reward worth it?I have my doubts about this one, but then again, maybe I’m not the target demographic that Fox is going for.  I just don’t think meeting the cast is really that big of a deal especially since outside of Jennifer Garner there isn’t a big name in the group.  My wife and I also talked about the fact that the verbiage for the grand prize is vague and says “with a special appearance by cast members” for the screening.  Notice it doesn’t say “the whole cast” or “the entire cast.”  This leads me to think that you’ll have the no-name kids but not much beyond that.  In addition, I play guitar but the Gibson Les Paul just doesn’t seem that great to me.

Regardless of the contest, I think this movie will do well, but if history can predict the future Juno won’t be a box office hit. – John Herrington