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The Disneyfication of America

Scott points out that “Disneyfication” is now an official word in the dictionary. Although the word is used to describe how the principles of Disney’s theme parks is being spread throughout society, Wikipedia says it is a pejorative, since the implied ideal is a more diverse way to market and consume products.

Disney isn’t without its faults, but I think the outlook is at once too optimistic and too pessimistic. It is optimistic because it infers this transformation is really taking place, and it is pessimistic because it assumes such a transformation would be a bad thing.

In lives of an individual too, arrives such moments, where both positive and negative thoughts and approaches surface. Staying optimistic and pessimistic depends on the person’s mindset and thinking capability.

We stay positive for smaller things like shopping apparels, eatery joint selection, and others. We think negatively about bigger issues like choosing the right bank, broker for our investments and choosing the location for our new home!! We are scared of losing or failing, but without trying nobody can win.

Trading is one of the biggest aspects where most people tend to overlook the good for the small bad components. The risks associated with them makes most of us get scared about the money invested.

In trading, it’s essential that you stay invested for the longer terms, and the basis of all choose the right broker.

The latest in trading is the binary and forex trading, which has the potential to give multiple fold returns, unlike the regular trading. With the risk associated the returns are also great. To open an account, trading one with any broker you need to pay the certain charge and apart from that pay for every trade executed.

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Take one moment to consider what certain experiences would look like if they were disneyfied.

  • Buying a car
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Filling up at a gas station
  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Renting a car

Can you think of anything else that could stand a little disneyfication? – Cam Beck

Amazon’s Kindle: Not quite enough

V3screen2_v4948245__2Amazon just launched a new devicethat they hope will change the way you read books. I give them some points for ambition and some for the features they built into the device, but for now, a perfunctory  glance at the device’s features convinces me that it is not enough to gain significant traction in the marketplace yet.

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What is Great About Kindle

  1. Electronic paper is easier to read. I’ve not seen the Kindle, but I’ve seen this technology. It so effective that one can easily forget he is not reading a piece of paper. Smart move.
  2. Easy to purchase books, wherever you are. Free wireless access gives users the ability to buy books from anywhere that has access to Sprint’s data network.
  3. Instant word lookup and Wikipedia reference.Unless you have the vocabulary of Christopher Hitchens or Wes Pruden, you’ve probably read some things that you’ve had to look up, but without the benefit of immediate access to a dictionary. It’s easiest to muddle through and move on to the next sentence, but Kindle gives users instant access to a built-in dictionary without forcing the user to lose his place.
  4. Ease of access to all your books at once. The downside to this is that all the other books you’ve purchased are made somewhat superfluous.
  5. Search. Have you ever had trouble finding a specific quote you wanted to reference? If you’re like me, if after 10-45 minutes of looking, you decide to paraphrase instead, but because of the difficulty in finding the quote, you can’t be sure where you originally read it. With traditional books, searching for these sorts of cues and quotes can be difficult. An integrated search feature allows Kindle users to search across all books loaded on the device.
  6. Notes and bookmarks. Users can take notes and bookmark important parts of any book they read, making it easier to come back and reference an especially poignant section.
  7. Crosses media sources. Users can read books, blogs or other news feeds as well as download newspapers and magazines.

What Sucks About Kindle

  1. High cost of entry. Just to get started reading, you have to shell out $400 – plus the cost of books. Seth says that he argued that books should be given away for free until adoption rates increase, and I can’t argue with him (“You won’t find me on Amazon’s new book reader”).
  2. Books cannot be shared. If you lend a book to someone, you at least get to read another book yourself. However, with the Kindle, if you want a friend to read a book, you have to encourage them to either buy it for themselves or you must lend them your own Kindle.
  3. Not significantly more portable. One of Kindle’s chief selling points is that you can carry around a bunch of books (“literally” hundreds of pounds of books) with you inside of this little device. However, outside of the areas of study and research, there aren’t many profitable applications for this feature. Most people only need one or two books at a time, which they can carry along nicely without forking over $400 for the device. At most, they’ll save themselves a few pounds, not hundreds.
  4. High cost of replacement. If you lose or damage a book, you’re out anywhere between $1 and $60 (depending on the book). If you lose or damage the Kindle, unless it’s insured, you’re out $400 (plus your entire library).

How Kindle Could be Better

  1. Enable audio and ability to listen in car. This would kill my need to buy a traditional book again, and would be well worth the cost. In fact, I’d pay three times as much for each book if the audio version were included, in spite of the difficulties above. Then I could listen to books on my commute and read and reference books elsewhere. I’d even repurchase the books I’d already bought just so I could listen and/or read on my own terms, in my own time.
  2. Find a niche and feed it. One of the things I hated about college was lugging around what seemed like a ton of books across a large campus. The Kindle could eliminate the need for students to strain their backs. Partner with colleges to provide textbooks on the Kindle, offer a student discount for the device, and let this audience be the early adopters. Once they become accustomed to using the device because of the comparative advantage it really does offer them, I wonder if they would ever buy another traditional book in their lives. The great thing about this strategy is that there are always more students coming in, so the audience can grow organically.
  3. Sell insurance. The high replacement cost for the device and for the media is a huge barrier. Unless they can lower the cost of the device to under $100, they will have difficulties getting people to adopt a behavior to solve a problem most people don’t even believe they have.

One important thing to remember is that a book reader is not analogous to an iPod, so no one should make the mistake of drawing too close a comparison between the two devices. Music requires a listening device, while reading a book has traditionally required just a book – the only “reader” one needed was the education required to read and understand it.

What’s more, listening to music is an enjoyable, passive activity. Reading a book, while often enjoyable and stimulating, is an attention hog.

Partially because of these differences, people are more inclined to want access to hundreds, if not thousands of songs at any time. The average person is much less likely to want access to hundreds or thousands of books at one time. Therefore, the advantage gained by upgrading from a portable CD player to an iPod is much more significant than “upgrading” from a book to a book reader.

To create penetration, Amazon must provide more value than people are already receiving. The benefits that are offered by the Kindle are too few for average people. While I applaud them for making huge strides, they’ve got a ways to go before most people will eagerly throw their money at Amazon for the privilege of using their device. – Cam Beck

My Friend, Pete Burks

Pete5_3On Wednesday, November 14, I lost one of my best friends.  Peter Haskell Burks was killed in action when an IED struck his Stryker convoy in Baghdad.  He will be deeply missed by many.

Losing friends, especially closed ones is an unforgettable memory and moment that will shake up the person. The same experience re-occurs if the loss happens in finance part. We got lost and feel shaken when the money that we saved hardly after long working hours, with lots of intentions and ideas for it!!

Well, you need not worry about that, or get scared of it. we have a solution for you; to earn more, to save more, especially using a trusted source, with full guarantee for your money and returns.

Thinking how? Binary trading and forex trading are quite famous these days, with its wings spreading all across. Many people who know are making great benefits out of it.if you are unaware of it or thinking if its the right way, then we are here to guide you through it.

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It’s an online platform, that assists you in forex and binary trading. There are many brokers who deal with forex trading from offline as well, but we suggest you online!! Wondering why?

Here are few reasons:

  • Online trading platforms are completely automated. Or at least most of the work is handled by robots, especially the trading logic. So, there is no error that can be occurred or delay seen, which is one of the biggest factors in defining the win or loss. Humans naturally tend to make errors, at some point in time, and this is out ruled
  • Forex trading, online gives you more leverage and allows you to earn more.
  • Offline trading, will need you to understand the whole process, but online trading, is taken care by the robot, who has been fed with the knowledge needed to execute the trade.
  • Overhead costs are reduced especially brokerage charges.

What is still thinking of? Registering at the best online trading platform, well read this straight from the source that provides you complete info about the platform.

This Thanksgiving, remember the brave soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. – John Herrington

Does This Design Make Me Look Fat?

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll probably notice we made a few changes around here. The old design is gone. We’re now using a different color pallet, a new header, and different content for our sidebar(s). Speaking of which, we added a new column to keep important information near the top.

When you invest on an asset you should be careful as they are our funds that you have earned and need to spend for your domestic purposes. Trading is processed similarly to the placing of bet in this there are two situations that you may win or lose. When you win it is well and good as you get profit out of your little investment. But sometimes people may risk their money and lose them then they can’t do anything as those are only money they have and all their savings are gone. To decrease these risk situations all experienced financier together made application with special features using a high-rated algorithm and this automated system became popular just in few years and all traders available in the market are using them now. These robots can be operated in both manual and auto-pilot mode; auto-pilot mode works 24/7 until you stop it for the purpose.  The two main advantages using auto-pilot mode is that the robot does not get tired like humans and also it does not make any emotional decisions unlike humans hence most of times trades placed by this automated system are successful.

There are various trading robots or applications available in the market and many are about to launch, but while choosing one among them you should be careful. And one of the trusted robots which I know is a Qprofit system which was introduced by a former financier named Jerry Douglas with help of his friend named Sasha Petroshenko who is experienced in software development. To know more visit the website of cyber mentors.

What do you think?

  • Is the information you want to see easily to findand read?
  • Is the new design easy to use?
  • How do you like the new search feature we’ve added? Is it where you would want it?
  • Is anything missing that you would like to see?
  • Do you get ANY VALUE out of the calendar on this or any other blog?

If you would like anything changed, please leave a comment on this post. We would appreciate any feedback you are willing to give us. – Cam Beck

How Does Your Blog Stack Up Against the Best?


There’s a lesson I’m supposed to learn from this. I’m sure of it.

Life always teaches us few lessons, and we never should forget them. The experiences are the best teachers that allow us to lead a life better.

So, what if you failed last time? Learn the lesson and never repeat the same mistake, avoid them and grow. Don’t be scared to try. We always are scared to try new things, with the fear of failing at it and losing; especially in finances.

We never take the most unexplored route, but take only the ones that have been traveled by many. We are discussing the binary, forex and bitcoin currency trading and investing.

There are many platforms that claim to give you a great return, which looks all well, from outside. But from inside, they swallow the monies of many people, and leave them desperate, not wanting to invest in another instrument.

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This trading platform is best because, it doesn’t charge a penny for the software, no charges for its usage too. its too easy to access and use, even by a layman who doesn’t have any knowledge about trading.

To participate in forex trading, all you need to do is:

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  • Earn returns up to 2k$ to 5k$, per day, based on your time devoted and money allotted. This is completely automated software driven by algorithms, that gives you guaranteed returns.

How does your site compare? – Cam Beck

Hat tip to Emily at Library Revolution.

Are Personas Good or Evil?


Ask 37 Signals: Personas? 
“We don’t use personas. We use ourselves. I believe personas lead to a false sense of understanding at the deepest, most critical levels.” (Credit a few people, including David Armano’stweet)

Trading is not so complex one to understand and learn but people think it is a complex one and require extended studies but there is no need to do so all you need to have is a skill to research and knowledge on what to trust and what not to. Many of them are using automated trading system in which robots, brokers are involved. The brokers that are linked with these robots are authentic, trusted and qualified ones so; traders need not to worry about their funds as they are in safe hands. The winning ratio of Qprofit system is from 93%-95% of trades, and it runs on auto-pilot mode by just setting parameters.

Use of Personas Boosts Conversion by 400%
“Countless once-skeptical businesses have changed their tune about personas [define]. The successes have been welldocumented, but a lot of smart people continue to scoff at the idea, thinking personas are a touchy-feely attempt to connect with customers on, like, a cosmic level — and that you’d have to be some kind of marketing hippy to waste budget on fluff like that.” (Credit Conversation Marketing)

Here’s My Take
37 Signals may be right in not creating personas, since they create their products for themselves and their needs first. However, since they’re in that position, I tend to believe that they may not have gone through the process necessary to really discover why people would consider creating personas.

Their answer certainly seems to belie a serious misunderstanding about them. They are considering personas through their own worldview, which, as we’ve discussed many times here, is replete with risks.

A persona isn’t really just a tool. It is an exercise. However, it can and should also be looked at as a shorthand sticky reference.  The best personas utilize interviews, focus groups, ethnographics, statistics, and other disparate research to help conceptualize the audience in concrete terms — particularly to people who haven’t gone through all of the steps performing and gathering all the research that went into building them.

Researchers could just lay out all the stacks of research before the team, but no one would read it and just as many would understand it all. – Cam Beck

Image by Jen the Librarian.

OLPC – An Exercise in “Reckless” Love

Olpcx0unboxedI admire the concept behind the one-laptop-per-child project (OLPC). Kids get free laptops and access to all knowledge available on the Internet. What’s not to like?

Fintech limited is a newly launched and successful robot in the market which can be operated both manually and auto-pilot mode. This review  on cyber mentors site will help you to gain complete knowledge on how the application works and what is the algorithm used and reliability, whether they are genuine or not and can get already existing trader testimonials.

Is this really what we want to teach?
Well, first of all, we should take note that not all knowledge is equal. Opening the door to the sorts of information on the Internet without a structured lesson plan to teach them how to ascertain fact from fiction and the good from the bad accessible on the Internet is irresponsible. Hopefully those who will be taking charge of this program when it reaches the kids realize that.

OlpctaskviewSugar’s Interface
But there’s more. A few months ago, at the behest of David Armano, I downloaded an emulator for its operating system, Sugar, and started to feel like my grandparents must have felt when I was teaching them how to do something — anything — in Windows, only worse. I had considerable trouble figuring it out. Part of this was due to the fact that the emulator I used bogged down my computer, but the other part of it was that the interface was not at all predictive.

My personal difficulty in using the OS might not be representative. After all, I’m not the audience, and if there is one thing I’ve learned through usability testing, it’s that I cannot assume that my likes and dislikes reflects that of the audience.

Test First, Then Release
What really concerns me about the project isn’t my own difficulty, but that the developers did not engage in any iterative user testing whatsoever. They instead opted for a system they called “demo or die.” Renowned and hated usability expert Jakob Nielsen called the process “reckless.” (“The Face of the $100 Laptop”)

What’s more, one developer following the project from the beginning, who Business Week called a “user-interface design guru” reflected absolute ignorance about what a user tests are, opting to erroneously call them “focus groups.”

Self-Centered Design
I’ve heard people complain about usability tests slowing down the process or handcuffing the creative process before, and it always amazes me. The reality is that usability tests are helpful tools in  user-centered design.

If we design interfaces for ourselves, we ensure that only people like us can use it. If only people like us will use it, that approach might work, but very often we are hampered by our own frames of reference, which make our product still difficult for others to understand.

Also, there is no interface on Earth that is free from the need to be designed with some sort of restraint. That’s what designers do. They are limited by budget, time, scope, their own personal knowledge and the resources they have at their disposal. Usability needs to be a part of their design consideration.

Increasing the usability of any design increases the chances that it will be used. User testing actually helps in this endeavor. So if the goal is good, as it is in the OLPC project, then failing to be diligent in increasing its adoption rate by utilizing simple, cost-effective usability tests turns out to be reckless after all. – Cam Beck

Hat tip to 90 Percent of Everything for insight into this process and the link to the Business Week article.

Beer: The Other Sports Drink

The more I read, the more I’m convinced that we believe whatever we are inclined to believe. Very rarely do we undergo any significant paradigm shift that changes, not just what facts we know, but also how we shape those facts in our own minds.

A few years ago, for instance, I observed a trend in billboard ads, where fit people were shown in the midst of some sort of strenuous exercise.

Performing trades is no less than placing a bet, it may win or lose situation with risk of your savings or the only money you have. But these days according to development in technology there were many applications developed to make this trading easy and increased probability of winning money and making profits out of their little investment. And among all the applications available the best one is qprofit system. You can discover more here by visiting our site.

Were the ads for 24-Hour Fitness? Bally’s? Gold’s Gym?

No, no, no. Don’t be silly. The ads were for beer.

I only wish I had a blog back then, because I could have grabbed the exact ads, but this one found by doing an image search should suffice for demonstration purposes.


Today I read a post on FADS (Fight Against Destructive Spin) taking aim against a study that claims that beer is better for you after a workout than water (article on the Daily Mail-UK), and I was reminded of these old ads.

Of course the study is flawed in too many ways to count, and that was the point of the FADS article. However, it’s interesting to note how people look for ways to justify what they’re already doing. Perhaps all marketers ARE liars, as the book title by Seth Godin suggests, but to me this seems that his real point, that marketers allow people to lie to themselves, is on full display in this case.

It may be, that like me, you wish that all issues were decided on facts and reliable data. They never are. We’re people, not machines, and we believe stories, not facts…You’re never going to persuade everyone of anything. What you can do, though, is persuade the persuadable, persuade the people who are choosing to listen and are open to believing the story you want to tell. – Seth Godin

Why is this so? And how does this square with Seth’s recent call for more transparency? – Cam Beck

Embrace the Chaos: Let the Debate Begin!

Awhile back a debate raged over at The Viral Gardenabout whether Mack should install a program called SezWho, which would allow people to rate other peoples’ comments (“Commenters, are you ready to be rated?”). It was an interesting system that Mack learned about from Mario Sundar (“Bringing the ‘wisdom of the community’ to blog comments; SezWho”). I was reminded of this conversation while watching an episode of GeekBrief TV (episode #0252), when Cali Lewis introduced an application called Intense Debate, which works in much the same way as SezWho. We are now experimenting with the feature.

A cyber mentor is site available online to get information about binary robots which are used for forex trading system. This internet site also helps people to know about reliability and how genuine are a robot and other basic information about the robot. The robots can be used both in manual mode and auto-pilot mode.

When Mack wrote about SezWho, I suggested that he try out the application, keeping in mind that he could remove it at his own discretion. However, at the time the application wasn’t available for Blogger. When I saw the feature in action over at GeekBrief, I decided we needed to try it on for size.

What I Like About Intense Debate So Far

  • It’s flat-out easy to use. And it gets easier once you’re logged in with an account (which isn’t required).
  • No more captcha. That’s worth the price of admission right there… Especially since…
  • It’s free.
  • You can track commenters across blogs. There are some brilliant people out there whose greatest contribution is in their comments on other peoples’ blogs. How great would it be to see what they write besides in those places you frequent? In doing so, you open the door to accidental discovery.
  • Word filtering. Go ahead. Try and use the word “Viagra” here. Won’t work.

A few things:

Your concerns are paramount. If you have issues with the way this system works, please remember it is an experiment, and we need your feedback, good or bad, if we’re going to improve what we offer.

  • If the feature is abused by trolls in a way that cannot be systematically resolved by Intense Debate, we will remove it.
  • If users find the feature more difficult to use, we will remove it.
  • If the feature routinely breaks or leaves this blog otherwise unreadable, we will remove it.

At this time, we’re using an “advanced” template for Typepad, which Intense Debate doesn’t fully support for all of its features. As such, we will not be able to install the Latest Comments or Top Users widgets, but to be honest, we can live without them (although I’d really like an ability to install the first).

Try it out. Give it a spin. But above all, let us know what you think.

Let the debate begin. – Cam Beck

The Thirst for Freedom Cannot Be Quenched

Here’s why you should care about the Berlin Wall:

The story of the Berlin Wall, which I observed falling 18 years ago today, is a model of what not to do, when you are responsible for the welfare of others.

There is a huge list of what to do, and what not to do, as an individual. But, humans do make errors. Their aren’t many people who work for the welfare of others, and such few selected people should be honored and appreciated.

There are few of them, who hailed from a middle-class background and have come a long way in helping others live better lives; especially in one of the riskiest sectors- finance.

We are talking about people who have invented the most useful software and platform to gain extra money, with no investment and no need to have knowledge about it. Yes, the binary and forex trading platforms have huge potential to gain multifold returns, but they are still unexplored and underused.

Thinking which is the best site to get started with? Here is the list of top 10 binary signals website, which has a whole bunch of details. With too many scams and fake companies existing it becomes very important to choose the right trading platform and this website does just that.

You will get all the details about the trading platform, its pros, and cons, making you aware of all that exists in the industry. The returns given by these platforms is anywhere ranging between 65% to 95%, that is you get guaranteed returns and the minimum is 65% of your invested money.

Isn’t that a great money?? Can anyone or any other investment get you so much? Or any job, that can give you so much bonus or hike in a year?? This platform gives you within less time and you needn’t have the knowledge about it too!! isn’t it interesting? You can start your trading with it and know for yourself.

It shows that no matter what barriers you put between passionate people and their ability to exercise the rights afforded to them by virtue of their own God-given humanity, they will resent you for it and try to circumvent your edicts.

It shows the disastrous consequences of not treating others as we wish to be treated.

This lesson applies to not only your prospective customersbut also your employees and those external stakeholders who are directly or indirectly affected by the decisions your organization makes.

– Cam Beck