Taking Risks

Today, Seth Godin published a piece on how costs of being current and up-to-date may be higher than sitting back and waiting just a little while. He isn’t necessarily opposed to “investing in now,” but rather he suggests to audit the amount you’re investing to ensure it’s being used wisely.

It’s always good advice to be wise with your money.

But let’s also not forget that, according to Seth Godin himself, being safe is also risky.

Is this a contradiction?

I don’t think so. It’s just a matter of embracing the what Jim Collins and Jerry Porras called “the genius of the ‘and’.” It’s possible to be both wise and to take risks on being current on any given subject.

Wisdom doesn’t guarantee success, though.

Even if you invest thousands of hours finding resources to help you increase your intellect and wisdom, you may fall flat on your tail. That time you spent is wasted only if you stay there.

The stupid and unwise may occasionally find a measure of success. But success rarely, if ever, favors the timid.

Be bold. – Cam Beck