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A control also known as the widget is used to enhance the user interface. The widget is included in the software graphical user interface in the form of a scroll bar or sometimes in the form of a button. These are the components that are included in the software by using which the user can directly get to the page that has the information they want to read as well as can edit them. These are usually used to redirect to the apps. There are libraries which offer a lot of controls along with logical codings like Windows Presentation Foundation and cocoa.

When programmers are designing a web page to build a webpage that is more informative some software frameworks have a toolkit that has a widget which is kept in a library of software that provides them to make GUI. Widgets come in a lot of variety

  1. Selection Boxes
  2. Icons
  3. Drop down menu
  4. Buttons
  5. Progress indicators
  6. Checkmarks which have on and off
  7. Scrollbars
  8. Windows
  9. Window edges used to change the size of window
  10. Form

These are designed so that users can use their devices conveniently by letting them access information or accept something and respond by pressing the keys.

When widgets are used in programming languages they are in the form of a small set of coding which explains how the design of widgets should be and what function should perform as well as after that function is executed how it should respond to the user. The application of widget world was done firstly in operating systems that used Unix and X Window system. In the programming language that uses object-oriented programming each set of coding that form widget is known as class.

To simplify programming almost all the languages that are used to develop apps such as Java and tool command languages are taking the widget from the rack of widget library. If the designed widget does not perform or does not look like how the programmer wants it to be then they can modify some contents to get the desired functions like you can click on When we want to refer to some object that is distinct the word widget is used. When programmers are talking and they have not given the name to that object or not able to recall the name of that object they make use of a general term widget. Since we cannot physically touch this widget they are known as virtual buttons that can be accessed using the mouse pointer.

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