Online Olympics coverage and Silverlight


Like a lot of people I’m becoming an Olympic junkie. I have my favorite teams that are either not covered on television or that I want to see live, despite of the time difference.

Silverlight also was known as Microsoft Silverlight is an application that is detected which provides a foundation to run and write network applications that have features of the software that run on the desktop. There are plugins that are needed for Silverlight that can be installed which are still present for some web browsers. The present upgraded version of Silverlight gives the support to the developers by providing tools for developing CLI language which helps in running images, animated pictures, and videos as well as multimedia programs. The Silverlight plugin that was introduced earlier helped in only streaming of media files.

Silverlight was used in mobile phones that had Windows as a platform for developing this. This was one of the two platforms used for Windows mobile. However, on these mobile phones the webpage that contains Silverlight could not run and neither could they run on Internet Explorer that was present in Windows mobile. The reason behind this was that there was no plugin for Silverlight present in the Internet Explorer. If you wanted to review cryptocurrency trading you had to use a desktop internet explorer.

I wasn’t surprised that NBC is using Silverlight  to broadcast on MSNBC. OK, I’ll download your plug-in to see what I want to see. It’s from Microsoft, right? It should work fine because they make the FRICK’N OPERATING SYSTEM AND BROWSER. We’ll it doesn’t. I’m not able to see what I’d like to see. However, I am able to watch the 30 second commercials each time I try to bring up the games, which pisses me off even more.

Maybe it is a problem with my Internet Connection. However, how come I can see the 30 second spot in all of its bloated ad agency ego glory?

Once again Microsoft has proven that they can release products without really testing them. You’d think that they realize they could capture the market and create a brand that would chase out competition due to their roots as the creator of Windows and Internet Explorer. Not so. It seems like Microsoft hasn’t been able to release a trusted version of any of it’s products since the 90’s. With all the anti-trust pressure on them, just making it part of what’s installed on a PC won’t work anymore. Nothing substitutes doing it right the first time.

– Paul Herring