My Media Diet: No Rest for the Weary

The brilliant and indefatigable Arun Rajagopal requested that I share my media consumption habits.

I read mostly nonfiction — focusing on business and marketing, history and current events, self-help and philosophy –, but I’ve been trying to break out of that by reading a little more fiction. To that end, I read The Sea Wolf by Jack London last month.

This book is about the voyage of Jack London to the Depth of craziness and gloominess that all people have hidden within them. It is said that it is good and bad in each individual and the story goes like how a person fights about whether to be good or bad which leads to discouragement in the character and gets disintegrated that finally leads to the death of that man. This book speaks of how a simple ocean can lead to people getting lost from their mind and start questioning the reality.

The character in the book, Humphrey Van Weyden is an adventure seeker and wants to experience everything as a youngster. The entire story circles around this man who is from upper middle class who in future wants to be an author. There is the captain of the sea whose name is Wolf Larsen. This captain is a big bully who is a crazy narcissist and also a person who murders. There is also another lady by name Maud Brewster who is well-behaved youngster just like Van Weyden who gets close to him romantically because of which Larsen becomes very upset with them. This leads to Larsen becoming evil and threatening Van Weyden and Maud. I suggest everyone read this book and view the following Suggested Web page

I just finished The Christian Husband 2 nights ago. Currently I’m making my way through the excellent *Personality Not Included, for which I will write at least one review when I finish, and Hitler 1936-1945 by Ian Kershaw.

I admit it. Although I love newsprint for reasons David Reich, Bob Glaza and Tangerine Toad all expressed at one point or another, I still get most of my news online. I regularly check,, WorldNetDaily (plus its print monthly, Whistleblower), and various news aggregation websites such as The Drudge Report and Scott Baradell’s Spin Thicket, both of which often take me to news stories on websites I would not have otherwise found. I also pick up whatever is lying around here in the office. There is usually a Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Dallas Morning News, and a USA Today around here somewhere.

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Who’s Next?
Now I’m going to look to the younger generation to see what our future holds. I’m interested in what media Nathan Snell, Ryan Karpales, The Great Haw, and Mario Vellandi are consuming. And because I need some help in speaking and writing (and because I’ve found their contributions very helpful), I also want to hear from Lisa Braithwaite and Kristin Gorski.

Step up to the plate. Time to share. 🙂

– Cam Beck