What’s Your Tagline?

Let’s have a little fun, shall we?

Today I’m starting a new meme. Here’s how it works. Pick 5 of your favorite bloggers (they don’t have to be *the* 5 favorites) and give each of them a tagline. You can pick more, if you wish, but each tagline should be unique, and it shouldn’t mimic the tagline that exists on the individual’s blog.

Participation is optional, so don’t feel like you are obligated to tag anyone else unless you just think it would be fun.

Roger von Oech – King of the Whacks

Lewis Green – [Heart] On

Tim Jackson – Ride

Paul McEnany – Shut Up and Listen

Mack Collier – Community is Power

– Cam Beck

P.S. I have now been tagged by Lewis and Ryan Karpeles in the “8 Random Things About Me” meme, but since I’m taking the meme literally, I’ve got to create a list large enough that the answers will be different each time I randomly select eight. Stay tuned.