Friends of Gavin

Gavin Needs Our Help


A friend of ours, Gavin Heaton of┬áServant of Chaos, had a tough Christmas this year. His father-in-law, Noel, was in a horrible cycling accident along with several other riders. Of course our prayers go out to everyone involved in the accident, but we also hope to do a bit more. Not because we were asked to, but because Gavin is our friend, and that’s what friends do.Here is a description of the event along with updates on everyone’s status:

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Here’s how you can help:

Click on the “Donate Now” button at the upper right of the page.

What that will do:

You will be taken to a PayPal server, where you can donate whatever amount you choose. We’ll make the ability to donate active until the end of January, after which we’ll tally the amount and direct it to Gavin, who will put it to use.

Why it’s important:

With two people in critical care, the expenses have to be pretty high — even with insurance.

How you know it’s legit:

For disclosure, we’ll post the results until the end of February, after which we’ll take it down. In the meantime, please contact any of the prolific bloggers on our blogroll to verify our authenticity. The PayPal account is set up through Typepad, one of the most popular blogging platforms in use by the likes of yours truly, Hee-Haw Marketing, David Armano, and Seth Godin.

– Cam Beck