CK’s Love

Remembering Sandra J. Kerley

As many of you know, CK, who is a bright, warm, and energetic woman who has done much for the blogging community, recently experienced the tragic untimely death of her mother, Sandra Kerley.

Naturally, we all felt badly for CK’s loss, but we also felt we owed a great debt of gratitude to Sandra Kerley for raising such a kind, generous daughter who constantly goes out of her way to aid and promote others. A group of bloggers got together and determined that the best way to celebrate Sandra Kerley — and CK — was to help and support others.

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Therefore, as a way to honor both CK and her mom, we’ve put together this Web site to collect donations for Habitat for Humanity in Sandra’s name.

To support this effort, please consider using this badge on your blog to honor CK and directing others here to donate to the cause.


Click on the image above or the “Tip Jar” on the right to donate.

Thanks to David, Drew, Gavin, Mack, Ann, Roger, and Lewis for completely driving this initiative. It’s truly an honor to know these fine people.