Don’t Believe the Forrester Hype

Forrester has been creating quite a bit of buzz for themselves on the heels of their latest podcasting report, claiming that only 1% use podcasts. In fact, Forrester is predicting that only 700,000 households in the US will use podcasting in 2006.

When I first saw people linking to this article, I was immediately suspicious. Why? Because everyone else’s numbers had been much higher. Take, for example, the Pew Internet and American Life project report from March of 2005 (before iTunes adopted podcasting) that stated 6 million Americans have listened to podcasts. In addition, consider Apple’s announcement (after the Pew report) that in the first two days of podcast adoption, they topped one million subscriptions.

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So why should you not believe the “hype” around Forrester’s report?

  1. Forrester is only measuring those who “regularly” download and listen to podcasts… not the total marketplace. Heck, without coughing up the $250 for the report, we don’t even know what “regularly” means.
  2. Forrester is talking about “households”, not individuals.
  3. This one is the BIG issue – Forrester is only counting people who listen to podcasts on a portable media player! That’s what it says in this Information Week article on the report. If this is true… it’s huge! A recent study suggests that only 20% of podcast listeners do so on their portable media devices!

This latest Forrester report, in my opinion, was aimed at generating controversy rather than giving us real insight into the podcast listening audience. Spread the word! Forrester got it’s buzz… but we still want real data. – John Keehler



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It seems to promote the virtues of streaming video over podcasting. Given the recent timing of the CBS announcement that it will be offering its programs as streaming video instead of dowloadable podcasts, it makes me wonder whether or not CBS was privy to this study before it was released and were fooled into reading more into it than is warranted.

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Malcom Gladwell and Freakanomics


The more you look at blogs, the more you begin to realize how they are changing the way that people are finding information, as well as interacting  in ways never before seen. Take for instance Malcom Gladwell. He’s written two great books, Blink and The Tipping Point (really must reads for marketers). Recently he started his own blog. The blog is every bit as good as the book and also allows readers to ask questions.

The cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds, and many want to try their hand at trading. This has also caused an increase in the number of automated trading robots. Unfortunately, there are many websites that are bogus. So when one hears about the many benefits that Ethereum Code offers, it is natures to wonder, is Ethereum Code a scam?

However, the system is anything but a scam. This can be proven by the fact that all reviews and tests came back with only positive feedback. There was nothing suspicious or no red flags noted. The system also takes efforts to protect the personal information of users by putting its encrypted form. The money deposited by users is also saved in segregated accounts. And most importantly, past customers display their love and loyalty towards the software by writing some great testimonials for it.

There is a great conversation going on between Malcom and the authors of Freakanomics about a topic in Tipping Point (broken windows for those who have read the book). Its like having both authors debate and you get to contribute or just listen in . Rather than describe it here, check out the discussion here. – Paul Herring

March 07, 2006

Pimpin’ Pork on ClickZ

Clickzlogo_3Paul recently blogged about Click Here’s launch of a new online campaign for The National Pork Board…you know, “The Other White Meat.” Anyway, as I have a venue on which to share my opinions on great interactive marketing, I chose to use that venue, ClickZ, to pimp our latest work for the brand. Take a look at my latest ClickZ article when you get a chance. I talk about the approach we took to developing the creative. And I talk about  some unexpected, yet strategic, media placements. All in all, I think it’s a big idea. Check out the work and let me know if you agree. Oh, and I want to thank Jason Fincannon, Jason Sutterfield, Eric Patrick and Chris Long from my agency, Click Here for their hard work on “The Other White Meat”. – Pete Lerma

Cryptocurrency mining

Until some time ago, cryptocurrency mining and the trading world and all the profits that came along were exclusive only to those who knew the tricks of the trade. In other words, only those users who knew how to trade and mine cryptocurrencies would reap the benefits of this system.

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The system is highly complex in its making but they have taken care that the website itself does not intimidate the users. The user-friendly interface eases the work for newcomers and first-timers. All these features eliminate any responsibility or difficulty for the user, so even users with little or no experience of trading can venture into this amazing system.

Is Ethereum Code a scam?

Ethereum Code maintains all the personal information of users in high-security encrypted format. It even follows all the protocols and rules set for safe trading practice. Other than that all detailed reviews as wells tests have to give exclusively positive feedback about the system. And the most important proof is the attitude of users who have used this system and even written some highly appreciative testimonials for it.

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About ChaosScenario

The Reason

  • The ChaosScenario is a blog written by several authors on what’s happening and our opinions on media, advertising and marketing in general. Our hope is to provide insight into the Chaos that marketers are facing as the forces of technology, consumer apathy and marketing integration shape our world.Email ChaosScenario:

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The system is legitimate and reliable. It provides and safe and secure platform to invest your money in.

The Authors

Here are the authors, to date, of the ChaosScenario.


Pete Lerma
Pete’s career began in offline, working on accounts like Coca-Cola and Subway for six years. He’s spent the last eight years with Click Here, the on-line unit of The Richards Group, where he leads the interactive efforts for brands like Hyundai, Nortel and Travelocity. He is on the board of the DFW Interactive Marketing Association and is a regular contributor to ClickZ.

JohnJohn Keehler
John spent the last 8 years becoming an interactive “jack of all trades.” He specializes in emerging technologies and alternative marketing such as blogging, viral marketing and pod-casting. Since joining Click Here, he’s worked closely with clients such as Hyundai, The Home Depot, Nokia and Nortel. John is also the author of Random Culture, a blog about on-line marketing trends.

Paul HerringPaul Herring
Paul spent eight years on developing Internet strategies for clients like 3M, Daimler Chrysler, Halliburton and Allstate while working with He’s worked in areas of marketing from site builds to ads to emails, in roles from project manager to client partner to strategist. Now he’s with Click Here, the on-line unit of The Richards Group working for clients such as Travelocity, Hyundai, Atlantis and Zales.

Brian_1Brian Linder
After earning degrees in English and Interactive Design, Brian logged two years building and selling his own web design shop and is now in his 6th year as an art director with Click Here. His concepts have solved problems for phones, banks, refrigerators, video games, food, travel, cars, apparel and the list could go on. His work has been published in Graphis and received recognition from Ad TEch, The One Show, DFWIMA and IMedia.

CortgormanCort Gorman
Cort spent the last 21 years planning offline media. He started at t:m and worked on such accounts as American Airlines and Pace Picante Sauce. Cort joined The Richards Group where he did offline media planning for 17 more years for Continental Airlines, Cole-Haan, Motel 6, Neiman Marcus, and Travelocity.  Now he’s with Click Here, the interactive unit of The Richards Group, where he leads the on-line media group.

The iTunes Halo Effect

ItunesiiThis is huge…According to TVWeek, television networks are beginning to see audience growth as a result of making their programming available through iTunes. The Office had its biggest rating yet. And NBC is attributing that new audience to iTunes. “The iTunes offering is bringing new audiences to the show that would not otherwise have watched, said Frederick Huntsberry, president of NBCU Television Distribution. Consumers have choices, and we are not reaching all consumers with one technology.” And it seems that NBC isn’t the only one seeing the potential in making their content available on new platforms. ABC is seeing growth in their audience for Lost and Desperate Housewives. Additionally, Adweek reports that MTV Networks is releasing programming from MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central Nickelodeon and the N today on iTunes. Talk about a revolution! Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride. 

The cryptocurrency market in the recent past has grown exponentially. The profits percentage has increased to a great extent that becomes even more attractive because of the easy way in which money is earned. However, one must never forget that there is always a risk factor looming over every transaction. This risk quotient increases much folds when one falls trap to some of the scams and bogus websites that are also seen on the internet.

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– Pete Lerma



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