Bloggers Make a Difference

Noel_with_squeakersThanks to the efforts of many bloggers, we were able to raise $822.47to help ease the financial strain caused by medical bills incurred by Gavin’s father-in-law after a terrible cycling accident.

None of this would have been probable but for Gavin’s tireless efforts to advance the conversation about marketing as well as promote others on his own blog. Gavin, we still owe you a great debt of gratitude for your contribution to this community. We’re more than happy to give a little something back.

Giving back is something that most of the companies follow to their community. Each one of us should also follow to stay peacefully in the world. Peace is a distant talk for many of us, due to the rising expenditures, inflation and many factors, that includeslow salary and low-interest rate component.

Is trading a good option? Yes, now it’s, even more, better, with bitcoin and other cryptocurrency making the market more fabulous with returns. These currencies have the potential to return ‘x’ returns against the regular market ‘percent’ returns. When there is an option to generate more income for your money, which one would you choose?

It’s a smart choice, to choose the cryptocurrency trading, which allows you to gain double or triple in just several years. Along with bitcoin, Ethereum is also gaining prominence and the software to use it for trading is getting more popular. Read here about it.

Thankfully, Noel’s recovery has accelerated after his most recent operation, but it will still be a long while before he’s able to get back on a bike. Please drop by the blog Gavin created for him from time to time and leave a note of good wishes.

Thanks are deserved to all those who helped. Below is a list of blogs whose efforts on behalf of this project were invaluable:

The Viral Garden
Resonance Partnership
Masi Guy
Marketing Profs: Daily Fix
Marketing Nirvana
Logic + Emotion
It Could Get Worse 2.0
Hee-Haw Marketing
Greg Verdino 2.0
Drew’s Marketing Minute
Conversation Agent
CK’s Blog
Biz and Buzz

There may have been others, and if I’ve inadvertently neglected to mention your blog here, please point me to your blog post about this subject and I’ll gladly add you to the list.

Noel – Get well soon… Hopefully, in the coming months of difficult recovery, you will be able to take some comfort while contemplating the character of the person your precious daughter married. 🙂

– Cam Beck