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Cold Emailing Potential Clients? Avoid These Actions

Cold Emailing Potential Clients? Avoid These Actions

Whenever we start a business, we always reach out to different people who can be potential clients for us in time to come. Some of them are placed locally while others reside in different countries on the globe. Your main idea here is to bring together all these people belonging to different geographical areas and sell them one single concept of your business for your and their own betterment. Now how you would go about doing this and achieving your objective would be the main question and it will only be answered through the strategies you formulate for the same.

When speaking of marketing, email marketing is one of the ideas that have proven to be very beneficial for all kinds of upcoming as well as existing businesses. No matter the person you are sending an email to is already your client or you are targeting them to join your team as a loyal client, you create your emails in such a way that they are bound to fall for the products and services you are offering them. Since this method holds a lot of power to attract the attention of buyers, experts say that there are several things one must try to avoid while sending cold emails to potential clients. Want to know what they are? Keep reading.

Things to avoid while cold emailing

Here are some of the factors and actions that you must not include or implement while sending a cold email to your target clients.

  • Do not keep it too lengthy: It is very important for you to ensure that your email is short, sweet and informative. If the email would have way too much information, the reader would get irritated and thus disinterested in reaching you out to avail your services.


  • Don’t be just a salesperson: Ensure to be yourself instead of just being a salesperson trying to sell a commodity. Try to touch the sensitive side of your clients and make them realize how your products and services can improve their quality of life.


  • Add value: Make sure there is some useful value added to the email. The clients should understand how the upcoming products and services can become an integral part of their life.


  • Keep the main hook in mind: Remember to not beat around the bush and stick to the main point. Stay hooked to your prime idea and ensure that the reader also understands your emotion behind it.

In addition to these, you can also gather some useful information online on how to get the best cold emailing techniques by approaching reliable cyber mentors for perfect guidance.


More Information On Commodity Market

More Information On Commodity Market

Commodity futures contracts are the contracts that are committed to accept or make delivery of a pre-determined quality and quantity of a commodity on a specific date at a pre-determined price. The commodities that are traded in the exchange are supposed to deliver the goods at contract price and will not take into consideration the current prices that are prevailing in the market.  Other than this market, you can also explore the cryptocurrency market to diversify your funds so that the risk and return get balanced. Read more about the cryptocurrency trading here.

An efficient and effective market for commodity trading futures requires:

  • A large number of sellers and buyer with different risk profiles such as speculators, arbitrageurs, and hedgers
  • Price volatility in underlying commodities
  • Underlying physical commodities should be exchangeable


Organized- Always the commodity futures contracts are traded on the organized exchange.

Eliminates counterparty risk- The commodity future exchange uses the service of clearinghouse to ensure that all the terms and conditions are fulfilled. These clearinghouses help in eliminating any risk that arises when any one of the party defaults.

Standardized- The commodity futures contracts are standardized with quantity, quality, and delivery date as they are all pre-determined.

Facilitates the margin trading- In these contracts, you don’t have to mention the entire contract value. You are required only to mention the margin which will be roughly about 5 to 8% of the total contract value. The margin will be different for commodities and exchanges.

Regulates the market environment- The future contracts help in regulating the market and it ensures that all follow the rules set by the exchange. Also, the government closely regulates this market.

Physical delivery- The actual delivery of commodity will be made only on the expiry of the contract. The members are required to provide the exchange with delivery information.

Participants in the commodity market

Hedgers- They are the consumers and producers of the commercially traded commodities. They take part in trading by managing the risk of the sports market.

Arbitrageurs- They are the traders who make money taking advantage of the differential pricing across different markets.

Speculators- They take part in trading with the sole intention of earning money by speculating the future price movement.   They do not prefer to accept or make actual deliveries of commodities.  They liquidate their trading positions before the contract expires.

In order to take part in commodity trading, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the market






Innovation In Business

Innovation In Business

Consumers, today, have become much more technologically advanced than they were a decade back. This is why your usual business scenario has become way more competitive and you are required to upgrade yourself and your business with changing times. Innovation in business is, thus, the need of the hour. In the midst of a million other entrepreneurs, you need to have an edge to stand out and make a difference. Innovation helps you attain that difference and boosts your productivity and efficiency.

However, not many business owners invest in innovation because they are apprehensive of the consequences. Innovation in business does not have to be a huge change but could also be small and simple differences that benefit your company in the longer run.

Here are 4 reasons to invest in innovation today.

  1. Boost sales and relationship with customers

If you have been selling the same products and services for the last ten years, then it is likely that your sales have dropped or will start dropping very soon. Everyone is innovating and upgrading and you ought to do the same. Investing time and money in modifying your services will make new and existing clients notice the change and take interest in your work. One example could be to introduce a survey of sorts that would involve your customers in the process of reviewing your work and suggesting improvements.

  1. Cut down costs

When you cut down waste, you eventually cut down costs. This holds true in almost all forms of businesses. There are few areas that you could focus on like cutting down on too many machines, improving work productivity by utilizing the time of the employees, getting rid of bottleneck situations and improving your margin of profit. You can hire an expert in efficiency to inform you of new ways to cut down costs in your company.

  1. Improve your position in the market

When you are innovative, you are naturally better placed in the market. The difference between you and 10 other entrepreneurs selling the same thing will make people want to buy your product. When you are innovative, you also study market trends more efficiently. If you are looking for innovation ideas then you can study market trends in other countries.

  1. Happier employees

Your employees will love their work if their workplace is innovative. Innovation will keep your employers boosted and will eventually reduce workplace attrition. In turn, you could expect more innovation since rejuvenated minds host the most creative ideas.

Setting A Business Is Tedious

Setting A Business Is Tedious

When want to start a new firm, getting started with the things required can be hectic. From managing the flow of money consistently to hiring the best team there are several things that one needs to take care of. Which might seem like a problem at first, but once you have sorted the things out and implement some sort of strategies to make things easier and faster, over time your business will start running smoothly.

Hiring people to work for you might sound easy but finding someone who is the best among the lot is a task. Moreover making sure that they stay as a part of your business is an even more difficult task to achieve. However, for every problem, there is a solution that you can find and so does hiring people.

The key lies in posting your ad. Just saying that you want someone to help you with your business or you need some help is not going to work. Instead, you can be more precise and mention specific things that you need like, the qualification, specific duties they need to do, minimum wages. By doing so you will be able to save a lot of your time since the pre-specified requirements will help the candidates with these qualities only will apply for the job as your ad will have all the things required to get hired in your company. They will also have a brief idea of what work they will be doing every day. Upon shortlisting, your needs to start hunting for the right candidate.

When you have shortlisted the candidates, you can have a walking interview. In this way, you can show your candidates what kind of environment they will be working in. Begin with the interview by asking job-related question and questions that are relevant to what the candidate is expecting, past experiences, about their dedication and what is their long-term plan. Behaving like a person who has great power is not advised; instead, you can behave like someone who is looking for an associate to assist you to run and grow your company.

Search for references that are real and not some people your candidate has as their neighbor. Take reference from people who will serve dedicatedly to their work ethic and to their full potential. After all, this, if you have finalized to hire a candidate, ask them what would it take for the company so that they can stay in the company for the long term before offering them the job.

Hurdles In The Business

Hurdles In The Business

Strategies to help maintain cash flow

Since providing invoice will lead to payments in the future, you can make receiving payments faster by sending the invoice faster. Since typically after 30 days the payments are made, make sure to send the invoice in less than fifteen days which will leave you with another 15 days to notify your customer about the bill if they are late in making the payments. In this way, you will be able to get payments before the following month’s bills that you need to pay. Along with this, however, many businesses are demanding that the payments should be made immediately after the project is completed. In this world where everything is digitalized, it will not be a big deal to ask for payments immediately as customers can make payments for the invoices from their cell phones.

Another way to manage cash flow is by working the same strategy on the other side of your business that is by requesting your vendors to send you their invoices on 45, or 60 or 90 days. In this way, you will have enough time to receive payments from your customers and pay your bills. In this way, you will be able to establish a better relationship with both the customers as well as the vendors and upon explaining the strategy they also will find it convenient to work with you.

Hiring people to work is a challenge

It is not the people who are looking to work fear the interviews, but it is the entrepreneurs. When you are hiring people to work for you, this task takes many days and a lot of your time as well. The process of evaluating the resumes, conducting the interviews, screening through a lot of candidates who do not qualify for the job in order to find that one proper candidate all take a lot of time and energy. Upon finding that one gem, making an offer of a package that will be attractive so that they will get on board so that they will stay on board for a long period of time.

What you can do to reduce the time consumption and energy is be clear about your requirements like, the qualification required for the job, what will be their duties, number of hours they should work and days and finally what is the wages they will be getting for that particular work and other types of benefits.

Do you know everything about savings accounts?

Do you know everything about savings accounts?

Probably the very account that everyone possesses is the basic savings account wherein you set aside some money on a periodic basis and it accumulates some interest however minuscule. Savings accounts are easy to open and operate and they are safe. It is very convenient to withdraw money from these accounts either directly at the bank or at an ATM. It is also very convenient to set up an automatic transfer of your salary to your account directly; this will ensure that you do not spend money carelessly as there is no greater pleasure than to see a growing bank balance.

Do savings accounts have any limitations

All savings account have a minimum balance requirement that must be always met to ensure you are not subject to additional fees. There are also limits on how many withdrawals you can do in one month. You must ensure that your minimum balance is maintained or you will end up paying more in fees than the interest you earn. Some banks, in fact, offer additional interest to maintain a balance more than required as an incentive.

Different types of savings accounts

  1. Regular savings accounts: You can open these accounts over the counter or over the phone and online. These accounts have low-interest rate and higher minimum balance requirement.
  2. Certificates of deposits: Almost banks with FDIC insurance provide these kinds of savings accounts wherein your savings are locked for a fixed period of time which can range from a month to several years. The interest earned on these savings is much more than that on regular savings accounts. They too have limitations on withdrawals and any preterm withdrawal will incur a penalty.
  3. Money Market Accounts: These are short-term savings accounts with higher minimum balance requirements but you will also be rewarded with more interest than regular savings accounts. These accounts are very safe because they are insured by FDIC.

To feel truly empowered and financially free you must make a beginning by opening a savings account. Not only will this inculcate the habit of saving regularly but this money will double up as an emergency fund. A smart way of doing it is by investing in an automated trading robot like the Ethereum Code and dabble in the world of stocks and shares. The returns are promising and if you have winning strategies then the income generated is huge and can be put to good use.

Understanding The Company Dividends

Understanding The Company Dividends

Companies which earn a profit will do either of the three things- reinvest in the business, reduction of debt or pay profit to the shareholders. When the profit is distributed among the shareholders, then the payment is called as the dividend.  Many of the investor’s dream of living out of stocks.  In earlier days, people bought the shares with the sole purpose to earn a dividend.  Later on, people started trading the shares in the stock market to earn a profit. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, even digital currencies are traded online to earn a profit. All the information regarding the cryptocurrencies can be viewed here.

Information about the process

The dividend basically has to be approved or declared by the organization’s board of directors every time they get distributed.  Below mentioned are the key dates one should remember regarding the dividends.

Declaration date- It is on this day that the board of directors will announce that they are planning to pay the dividend to the shareholders. On this particular day, the organization enters liability on its accounts, that is,  now it is indebted to the stockholders to pay the money.  Also on this date, the organization will announce the record date and date of payment.

Record date- The record date is also called the ex-dividend date.  On this date, the stockholders are entitled to upcoming payment of dividend. The shareholders who have purchased the shares before or on this date are entitled to the dividend money.

Payment date-   On this date, actually the dividend gets distributed to the shareholders of the organization.

Different types of dividends

Cash dividends- These are the normal cash dividends that are paid from the profit of the organization to the shareholders.  The organization which has issued the preferred stocks should make the payment of dividend to those shareholders first before any money is paid to common shareholders.

Special one-time dividends- The organization might pay a one-time special dividend to the shareholders in addition to the normal dividends. However, the occurrence of such scenario is rare and it happens because of various reasons like liquidation of the investment, sale of a business or winning a major litigation.  They will be either in the form of stock, property or cash dividends.

Property dividends- When an organization distributes the property to the stockholders in place of stock or cash, then they are known as property dividends.  This property dividend will be recorded at the market value on declaration date.






Ways To Buy The Cryptocurrency

Ways To Buy The Cryptocurrency

Everyone wants to buy cryptocurrencies from the market because the transactions with the cryptocurrencies are very safe and secured as there is no third party interference and also there is no transaction fees for the buy or sell. So many of us wish to buy it and there some best ways to buy it from some places. Let us have a deeper look at those ways and grab the cryptocurrencies from there easily. Before we buy it, we need to check some factors about it.

  1. Location:

The location or the country from where we are going to buy is important.

  1. Payment options:

We need to check the payment methods for the cryptocurrencies we are going to purchase because it will differ based on the websites. We can pay it by credit card or net banking and online fund transfer and also we can pay it in cash. It will purely depend on the websites we are purchasing.

  1. Type:

It is impossible to get the cryptocurrency which we want to buy in the market. Because some websites will never have some types of cryptocurrencies so we have to make a search and then purchase it.

  1. Fees:

The websites will charge sown fees from the customers for searching itself. Some will be less expensive and some will be too costly. We should first check about the fees of the website and then start purchasing the cryptocurrencies.

Where to buy it:

In the past years of time, cryptocurrencies are not available on all websites. Only a certain number of websites will have the permission to sell it. But now all have been changed and the number of websites which sell cryptocurrencies increased. So, we can get the cryptocurrencies easily nowadays without any problem in many places.

Cryptocurrency exchanges:

There are many online exchanges which will give us the cryptocurrency and exchange the equivalent currency from us.  The exchanges are so simple and easy to use and even the new businessmen who purchase cryptocurrency can also get it easily from the cryptocurrency exchange.

Broker exchange:

We can see this broker exchanges in many places like airports. We can exchange the local currency with the cryptocurrency we want to buy. It can be done directly or can even be done with our smartphones.


Thus concluding that the cryptocurrencies are purchased by many businessmen nowadays because the value of the cryptocurrencies will vary on a regular basis and we can yield more profits with these currencies.

Understand The Shorting Stock


Understand The Shorting Stock

For a long time speculators, individual investors, hedge funds, arbitrageurs, and gamblers have been using the technique of shorting the stock. They were willing to take potential risk of incurring a capital loss.  It is also known as short selling which involves the selling of stocks which the sellers actually do not own.  The trader also sells other kinds of securities short including the options.

Why traders sell short?

The sellers take up these transactions in hope that price of the stock will go downward in future and if they are able to sell those stocks today, the traders will buy back those shares in future.  If at all they are able to achieve this, they can make profits in the difference between sale prices and buy price. Few of the traders conduct short selling purely for the purpose of speculation and while some others might want to protect or hedge their downward risk when they hold long positions.

In the case of cryptocurrency trading, it is quite easy to make a profit by using the automated trading robots. All the decision related to trading is taken by the trading robots and all the information about them can be viewed here.

Risks you need to be careful of

When you short the stock, you would expose yourself to substantial huge financial risk. Whenever the traders and investors find that the stock has a huge short interest which means that the high percentage of shares available are shorted by the speculators then they try to drive up the price of the stock. This will force the speculators to buy back those shares which have been sold earlier before the prices go up too high.

Whenever you sell the stock short, you should assume that all the time you will be able to buy it back at the amount you want.  The market for those particular stocks should be there. If in the market, no one is willing to sell those stocks or there are so many buyers in the market who had panicked and they try to close their positions before they lose the money, you will end up in incurring huge loss.

You need to understand that the market is quite volatile and should never assume that the price of the stock will change according to your assumption. Hence, the short selling is used by only the seasoned traders who understand and know the risk.  There are rules to be followed while you short the stock and it has to be followed religiously.

Trading: Pointers For Traders

Trading: Pointers For Traders


Trading like any other investment or business comes with risks. One has to follow strict rules and take into consideration a lot of things before going for trading.

In this article, we will focus on listing down few things one should follow before trading in the market.


  • An important rule to follow before trading is when we are not sure about any market trend or a deal we should stay out of it and not risk the investment.
  • Make a detailed plan of when to enter a deal and when to exit. Pull out of the deal if the market is going against you and not wait for the market to bounce back. Exit when you hit your stop level.
  • If you are doing your own analysis you know when to exit the market. But if you are taking an experts advice then you should stick to their opinion.
  • A good strategy in trading is to constantly analyze the past mistakes or miscalculations you faced. Analyzing and correcting mistakes can help in reaching expected results.
  • Stick to your trading plan firmly. We should not be making trades or deals that were not part of our initial plan. They may put off the plan altogether and we won’t be able to foretell the result. It is advisable to not go beyond more than 1-2% of total losses of the capitals in a single deal.
  • Traders should always trade in the same direction of the market trend. For this, you need to plan and strategize your trade plan.
  • If you are not sure of the direction the trade is going it is advisable to take exert opinions. If you are thinking of trading into the cryptocurrencies there are various new automated trading robots available in the market like the Ethereum Code. These trading robots help investors to identify the risks before going ahead for any trade. To find out more information about the robots refer the link.
  • Traders must always keep in mind that a good trade is not to buy stocks at a low price and then sell them out for a high price. But it is to buy them high and sell higher.
  • Traders must learn to think about the risk before we can think about the returns. Traders should always take into consideration the possible damages before calculating the possible returns.


Trading is a hard business that comes with lots of risks. Traders that follow strict rules and discipline and persistence are seen to do better compare to others.